Spectroscopy And Nano-Imaging Platform

Spectroscopy and nano-imaging platform focuses on the in-situ spectroscopic characterization and imaging of varies novel two-dimensional materials, energy materials and devices at multiple spatio-temporal scales to get insight into the material structures, molecular interactions and molecular dynamics of various systems and reveal the structure-property-performance relationship of these novel materials. Advanced characterization instruments include 600 MHz ssNMR, 500 MHz NMR, in-situ EPR, UPLC-QTOF, TOF-SIMS, XPS, SC-XRD and Raman, FT-IR, FL and TA spectroscopy. This platform meets the urgent need for analysis of the chemical structure and composition of materials, as well as the testing of varies physical and chemical properties such as mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical, and thermal properties, providing vital technical support for the development of new materials.